Dancing Sky Ranch offers new experiences for everyone; friends, families, children, and military personnel





  • Black Bear, White Tail Deer, Rough Grouse, Sharp

  • Tailed Grouse, Fox, Coyote and Rabbit, Snipe, Wood Cock, Goose, and Duck

  • Hunting packages

    • Black Bear: Fully guided $2000- Includes:

      • Premium lodging- 6 days

      • Meals

    • Black Bear: $1700- Includes:

      • General lodging- 5 days

      • Meals

    • White Tailed Deer: $1500- Includes:

      • Premium lodging- 6 days

      • Hunting- 6 day pass

Hunting Reservations, Deposits and Returns

  • Reservations, deposit & refund policy:

    • Half of payment due on booking date. Remaining due on arrival date.

    • Deposits are nonrefundable, unless the reservation is canceled in writing at least 60 days in advance. A 30% administrative cost will be charged on all refunds.


  • There are many locations to choose from when deciding where to fish:

    • Rainy River- boasts the largest Walleye run in the world

    • Lake of the Woods- provides some of the best fishing in the world

    • 10 minutes to Canada- opportunity to catch many trophy fish

  • Types of fish

    • Sturgeon are probably the most powerful fighting fish caught on hook and line with some recorded over 8ft long and weighing over 200 pounds.

    • Northern Pike are also common in the rivers and are great fun to catch for they put up a fight, and are sometimes hard to land as well, not to mention the added benefit of fine cuisine.

    • Small mouth Bass in the summer and fall is a thrill of it’s own. Find that HOT spot and just try to keep that line in the water! The kids love the thrill of catching fish after fish.. after fish after fish.


Nature Walks- Birding- Photography

  • This is the ultimate area for people who would rather walk or hike our trails! You can capture the beauty in so many ways.

  • Riverside Log Cabin:

    • The river offers many photo ops for the ameture and professional photographers!

    • Your only expense for this package is your lodging

  • Birds:

    • 160 species of nesting birds

    • 130 species of migrating birds

    • Birding stations, trips in the fields, forests, or by stream offer excellent sightings


  • We are centrally located between two main groomed trails:

    • The Pelland Birchdale Connection Trail to the north three miles, going from International Falls Minnesota to Baudette Minnesota

    • The John Beckel Northern Connection trail six miles south, going from Baudette Minnesota to Big Falls Minnesota.

    • Both of these trails are groomed and have less traffic than Southern Minnesota.

  • These trails connect to:

    • Hagerman Trail, Blue Ox Trail, Voyageur Trail West, Slatinski Trail, Arrowhead Trail, Lost River Trail, and the Caldwell Brook Trail.

    • These trails are all located in Minnesota giving riders thousands of miles to explore on their snowmobiles

Family Activities 

  • Volleyball

  • Horseshoe tossing area

  • Table tennis

  • Board and card games

  • Arts and crafts

  • Horse back riding

  • Bird watching

  • Canoeing

  • Nature Walks

Cookouts and Meals

  • Ranch Style Meals

    • Campfire cook-outs

    • Home cooked meals

    • Our local bar-restaurant

    • Tempting meals served family style, picnic lunches for daily excursions can be provided

    • Enjoy an evening of home-made wine with delicious appetizers

  • A variety of fine dining is something our guests have always appreciated