The Horses

The Horses of Dancing Sky Ranch

Quarter Horses, Friesen, Appaloosas, Paints, & Thoroughbreds.



The 16 horses here at the ranch are used for trail riding and competitions.


Dancing Sky Ranch offers several types of interaction with horses from Trail Riding and Lessons to Shows.


Trail Riding


  • About the Riding

    • The Trails at Dancing Sky Ranch will leave you mesmerized with their beauty. Ride along twisting and winding trails, through the Pine Island State Forest, which will lead you along 5 water ways. These rivers are the Black River, South Fork, Garner, Hay Creek, and Mayo Creek.

    • Enjoy a mid-afternoon snack on the river bank in places no one has been before, while deciding on the next trails to explore. Listen to the whispering winds, watch for wildlife around you, and enjoy natures inspiring beauty.

    • Five days of continuous riding will keep you and your horse looking at something new. All the trails are groomed, and have a grassy bottom. Guests enjoy riding in the rivers for the experience of a lifetime.


  • What You Need To Know

    • Cost Per Hour is $30 (Ask about our seasonal specials!)

    • Afternoon Special $100

      • The afternoon special can range anywhere from 3-4 hours, depending on the individual(s). We stop 2-3 times during this trail ride for snacks and to enjoy a campfire lunch.

    • All Riders must sign a release of liability waiver. Some helmets are provided, however it is your choice to wear one. If you have a helmet, please bring one with you. You are also recommended to wear jeans, some form of boot with a heel, and bring at least one form of long sleeved shirt or jacket while trail riding.

    • If you are bringing a group of children and you are not a legal parent/guardian you must have a signed consent form for each child to ride horse and/or participate in other activities.


  • What We Need To Know

    • If someone who wishes to ride our horses has a disability of any kind please call ahead of time to let us know what it is. In most situations we are able to accommodate them. See also our Equine Therapy Page.

      • 250 pounds weight limit

      • No riders under the influence of alcohol or drugs will ride our horses

      • No pregnant women

      • You must be able to mount your horse without assistance

      • If anyone wishing to ride horse that has a medical condition requiring medication, we must know! Examples: Bees, asthma, heart medication (nitrogen pills), diabetic and so forth

Bringing Your Own Horse


  • The campsite includes;

    • Picket lines, paddocks for your horse(s) (2 stalls available)

    • You may bring your own equipment to set up if you like

    • A water tank is supplied for your horses with fresh water or the clean river is nearby

    • Hay is available also

  • If tents and campers (no hook -ups yet) are your choice we have hot showers and bathrooms (out-house) for your convenience

  • Fire pits and firewood are available as well

  • Please bring:

    • A current Coggins with you, if you do not have a current one bring the latest one you have

    • If you have a health certificate you may use that as well (health certificate not required)

Riding Lessons


  • Provided by Glen Wright.

  • Offering all types of Western Riding

  • Cost per hourly lesson: $35

  • If you would rather take a half day lesson (4 hours) the cost is $125; a full day (8 hours) is $250.

    • The price is the same whether you use our horses or bring your own

  • The half day riding lesson includes a snack and trail ride if desired.

  • The full day riding lesson includes lunch and trail ride if desired.

Horse Training

  • Prices will vary. Please call for more information on training your horse.